Suppliers of Filler compounds and masterbatches in South Africa.

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Filler Compounds and Modified Plastics

Suppliers of Filler compounds and masterbatches in South Africa. Suppliers of fillers for plastics, filler masterbatches, calcium carbonate filled compounds and other plastic materials.

Suppliers: Suppliers of Filler Compounds / Modified Plastics

Carst & Walker

Distributors of Polymers to the Plastic and Rubber Industries. Elastomers, Plastics & Composites, Fillers & Additives, Auxilliaries & Services and Anchor Chemicals.


Leading Supplier of Specialised Polymer Products, Plastic Additives, Pigments and Chemical Products and Services to the Southern African Market.

DAVRO Compounding

Manufacture TPR, TPE for the Footwear Industry & Motor Industry. Standard products are natural and black compounds; and Specialist Thermoplastic Masterbatches - High End Masterbatches.

Masterbatch SA

Manufacture & Supply an Extensive Range of Premium-Grade Masterbatches, Pigments and Performance Enhancing Additives to the Plastics Industry.

Orion Engineered Carbons

Leading suppliers of Carbon Black - Carbon Blacks to tint, colour & enhance the Performance of Plastics. Specialty applications for Specialty Carbon Blacks are: lithium-ion batteries, non-impact printing, paper, PVC pipe, non-woven fabrics and metallurgy


One of the Leading Producers of Colourants and Additives in South Africa for Plastics - Colour Masterbatch, Pigment, Liquids and Plastic Additives.


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